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Academic Advising

At Columbia College, your success is our priority. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that you excel not only in your classes but also as you progress towards your degree. A critical component of this process is academic advising, which assists you in making informed decisions about your major, coursework, and career aspirations. Your advisor acts as a guide, pointing you towards the resources, information, and support necessary to fulfill your degree requirements.

Upon admission to the college, you will be assigned an academic advisor to accompany you on your educational journey.

Academic Advising on Residential Campus

Once admitted to the residential campus in Columbia, Missouri, students are provided with an academic advisor. Your advisor is a dependable resource to discuss your prospective degree program, select suitable courses, and clarify any queries about degree prerequisites.

When planning a meeting with your advisor, come prepared to talk about your academic aspirations, objectives, and constraints. Feel free to inquire about particular requirements, resources, and academic regulations.

Moreover, advisors can guide you in structuring your coursework to align with your ambitions of pursuing further studies such as law school, medical school, veterinary school, among others.

Remember to regularly check your CougarMail for official updates from the college, which includes messages from your advisor.

Online And Nationwide Academic Advising

Students who are enrolled in online classes or at various locations across the country will have the advantage of academic advisors to ensure they stay focused. These professionals will assist you in selecting appropriate classes, devising your degree program, and maintaining your path until graduation.

Those students who are linked with a specific physical location will obtain academic advising through that particular venue.

For students who are exclusively taking online courses, advising services are provided by the online program itself. While it's not mandatory for online students to consult with an advisor every session, it's highly recommended that you stay in contact regarding your degree prerequisites.

Your designated advisor will communicate via email sent to your CougarMail account. Therefore, ensure to regularly check your email for these important updates.

The Support You Need

Center for Student Success

Our Student Success Coaches can provide individualized support, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Your journey, your goals, your success - they're our top priority.

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Tuition & Financial Aid

Whether you're curious about scholarship criteria, loan prerequisites, or our Military Affiliated Benefits, our team stands ready to empower you with guidance and direction.

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Our admissions process is designed to be straightforward and supportive, ensuring you can focus on what really matters; your future. We're just one call or email away.

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because a future built by you is a future built for you.

Too many people have been made to feel that higher education isn’t a place for them— that it is someone else’s dream. But we change all that. With individualized attention and ongoing support, we help you write a new story for the future where you play the starring role.