Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

Resources and Policies

Diversity, equity and inclusion is supported by college policies and resources.

In addition, every undergraduate student must complete a multicultural course which explores other cultures or cultivates an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Celebrating Pride

June 28, 2020 marks 50 years of celebrating Pride. The first Pride parade was held on the first anniversary of the Stonewall riots on June 28, 1970. The fight for LGBTQ+ equality started long before Stonewall, but the riots sparked courage, positive change, and lasting pride.

Pride Resources

Below are a few resources that are useful for implementing gender-neutral language and supporting transgender students. 

  • GLAAD: Intersectionality Resources
  • GLAAD: 3 Tips to Make Sure Your Campus Activism is Intersectional
  • 10 Tips for Putting Intersectionality into Practice
  • Power in Partnerships:  Building Connections at the Intersections of Racial Justice and LGBTQ Movements to End the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Resources to Learn More About Juneteenth

One action step we can take is to continue to commit to self-education on the impact of slavery today. Below are a few resources from different sources that provide a foundation for the historical and symbolic day of Juneteenth.

Columbia, Missouri Celebrations

Juneteenth Celebration

The City of Columbia along with Healthy Blue is hosting a Juneteenth Celebration Block Party, June 19, 2021 12:00-2 PM.

Heritage Walk

With over thirty historical markers, the two mile African American Heritage Trail commemorates the Black experience in Columbia, Missouri.

Columbia, Missouri's Sharp End


Learn more about the Sharp End's history and impact on Columbia with panelists James Whitt, Barbra Horrell, Columbia College Senior Tyus Monroe, and panel discussion moderator, Rudi Keller.

Columbia Missouri's Sharp End was a geographic location for Black owned businesses in early 1900s and became a place for Columbia's Black community to thrive. In the 1950's the Columbia city voters voted to approve the urban area renewal projects and this lead to the demise of the Sharp End.

Learn more

Gender-Inclusive Restrooms and Lactation Rooms

The locations of Columbia College all gender restrooms are as follows:

Building (#)


Columbia House (2) First floor, second floor 
Dorsey Hall (1) Second floor 
Dorsey Gym (3) By stairwell, behind stairwell 
Federal Hall (3) Basement, first floor, second floor 
Game Hut (1)  
Kirkman House (2)  First floor, second floor
New Hall (1) First floor 
McGee House First floor, second floor 
Mail, Imaging and Print Services (3) First floor, basement 
Missouri Hall (2)  Basement 
Williams Hall (1)  Second floor 
Practice Hall (2)   
Southy (2)*  East side, *typically locked 

Building (#)


Federal Hall Room 219
New Hall Room 121
St. Claire Hall Room 329

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