Collegiate Navy & Silver Award

Navy & Silver Awards are awarded to transfer students who apply to Columbia College and meet admission criteria

Total = $3,500 (annually) / $14,000 (Four-year value[1])

1 Four-year value is potential total dollar amount at the end of four years, if scholarship renewal requirements are met each year.

Merit scholarships for transfer students (24 credits or more) are determined by cumulative GPA or all post-high school credit completed. Students receiving the Collegiate Navy & Silver award must be admitted to Columbia College. The FAFSA is not required for review.

Renewal requirements

  • Retaining your scholarship requires
    • maintaining full-time enrollment at Columbia College
    • completing 27 credits per academic year
    • maintaining satisfactory academic progress
  • Transfer merit scholarships are awarded
    • at the beginning of your first term
    • are generally automatically renewed each year, provided you maintain the required GPA and have not exceeded the maximum number of terms offered
    • unless otherwise noted, scholarships are designated for fall/spring terms only and are not available for summer
Transfer merit scholarships can be renewed for full-time enrollment in a bachelor's degree program for up to a total of two years (four semesters) of scholarship support. Appeals may be made for a third year renewal dependent on major & other holistic factors.

Please note: Federal financial aid & state aid will be applied to your student account before institutional aid. Institutional aid may not exceed the cost of tuition.

All Columbia College scholarships and awards are awarded based on availability of funds.