Student eConsent

eConsent allows you to conduct business with Columbia College electronically.

eConsent is collected on the application for admission to Columbia College. Successful submission of the application records your response to eConsent. 

You must provide eConsent in order to view financial aid, register for classes online and conduct other electronic transactions, such as email conversations regarding your bill or financial aid. It also gives Columbia College permission to exchange emails with you regarding individual information. When you consent to electronic transactions, they will be processed faster and more efficiently.

eConsent allows you to:

  • Register for classes online.
  • Check financial aid status through myPortal.
  • Accept, decline or reduce financial aid award offers.
  • Setup direct deposit for financial aid refunds.
  • Receive email communications about your account through myPortal.

By consenting, you will also have full access to myPortal, which allows you to set up your CougarMail account. eConsent enables you to receive electronic notices about:

  • Billing status and due dates.
  • Upcoming deadlines regarding finances.
  • Incomplete financial aid files.
  • Financial aid disbursements and refunds.

If you choose not to accept eConsent, you will have limited access to services. All communications will be done via mail, phone or in-person. If you do not provide eConsent:

  • You cannot register for classes online.
  • You cannot access student account or financial aid information online, including making a payment.
  • You cannot access grades online.
  • You will not receive e-mail communications about your student account or financial aid; all communication will take place through mail, in-person or by telephone.

If you do not consent to conduct electronic business with Columbia College, the following will be impacted:

  • Address Change Form
  • Add/Drop Form
  • Application for Commencement Ceremony
  • Aviso
  • Assisted Registration
  • Book Voucher Request
  • California Forms
  • Change of Location Form
  • Check My Application Status
  • Course Withdrawal Form
  • Declaration of Major
  • Degree Audit
  • ePayments
  • Financial Aid Forms
  • Field Trip Release
  • Final Grades
  • Graduate Transfer Credit Request
  • Graduation Application
  • Housing Contract
  • Manage My Waitlist
  • My Awards
  • My Documents (Financial Aid & transcripts)
  • myPortal
  • New student deposit (residential)
  • Parking permits
  • Prerequisite Confirmation Waiver
  • Self Service
  • SSN & B-Day Maintenance
  • Verification of Payment and Billing Request Form

You have the right to receive your financial aid notices in printed formation. You may also withdraw your eConsent at any time by contacting the Center for Student Success at (573) 875-7252.

Your privacy is important to us and is protected by FERPA. Consenting to electronic transactions in no way gives Columbia College the right to sell your data or use it in any manner other than conducting official business with Columbia College.