Financial aid terms and conditions

The information provided with your award estimate explains eligibility requirements and other information important to your financial aid eligibility. Be sure to read and understand all information, and contact the Financial Aid Office with questions.

Award estimate

Your award estimate is based on full-time enrollment. You must attend class to be eligible for financial aid. The College may prorate, adjust or revise your award in accordance with federal regulations or institutional policy.

Drop or withdrawal from classes

If you drop or withdraw from classes within an award period or term, your award(s) may be recalculated and we may be required to reduce or cancel your award(s).

If you have been awarded a loan for a specific award period or term and do not enroll for that term, subsequent loan disbursements for the remaining academic year may be delayed or canceled. If you have questions about the status of current or future loan disbursements, review the appropriate refund check availability information document linked on the dates and refund information page, or contact the Financial Aid Office.

Renewal of financial aid

Financial aid does not automatically renew from one academic year to the next. You must reapply and are responsible for the reapplication process. Early application is important. The Financial Aid Office recommends that you reapply for financial aid as soon as possible after October 1 each year for the following academic year.

Awards from governmental and private sources are dependent upon receipt of funds from the appropriate entities. You are responsible for application renewal processes, requirements and deadlines. You will not receive any aid for which the College has not received funds on your behalf. The College will not replace funds lost due to non-renewal of applications, missed deadlines, or for not having received funds on your behalf.

Notification of changes in financial circumstances

It is your responsibility to immediately notify the Financial Aid Office of any changes in your financial circumstances. This includes any additional external awards or financial assistance received such as outside scholarships, tuition assistance, veteran's assistance or Montgomery GI benefits.

Financial aid funds will not be credited to your account or disbursed until all required applications for financial aid are complete, and monies have been received from the funding agencies.

All federal funds have been awarded on the condition that you do not owe a repayment and are not in default on any federal loans.


You must be degree seeking and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress toward the completion of your degree in order to remain eligible for financial aid. See Columbia College's financial aid Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for more details.

Questions? Contact the Financial Aid Office.