Additional costs for online and evening nursing programs

Students taking online or in-seat nursing courses will have additional expenses.

Nursing costs [1]

You are viewing rates for all associate and bachelor’s nursing degrees that you can earn online or in-seat at any of our nationwide locations, including our evening program in Columbia. Truition® benefits do not apply.

Nursing costs
Description Cost
Associate in Science in Nursing (ASN) [2] $405
ASN lab fees Varies: $35-$100 per course
Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN) $375
Certified Medical Assistant Certificate (CMA) [3] $375

1 Nursing costs are not included with Truition® benefits. However, our tuition is less than the national average for four-year, private schools, and financial aid may be available to help pay for your nursing degree.

2 Nursing sequence courses are offered during the day on campus in Columbia, Missouri, and at the Lake of the Ozarks.

3 Textbooks and TEAS® exams are free for CMA students.


  • Background check, medical document manager and drug test package: approximately $148
  • Admission TEAS® test fee: $60
  • ASN nursing textbooks: $1,250
  • BSN nursing textbooks: $2,400
  • Other potential CMA fees: $150 or more
    • CPR certifications: $90-120
    • Immunizations: varies based on need
    • TB skin tests: $10-30
    • Physicals: Free on campus
    • Parking passes: varies based clinical site

Other student expenses

A urine drug test and physical exam required to start the nursing sequence. Immunizations and lab tests are required.

Some clinical facilities charge parking fees that typically cost $2 per day. Parking fees for a typical clinical course could total $30. Carpooling is a less expensive option.

Incidental fees/lab fees:

Lab fees cover supplies, testing and student name tag. Fees are distributed over nursing courses.

  • ASN: Approximately $400
  • BSN: $2,000
  • Graduation fee: $75
  • Transcript fee: $10[4]
  • State board and NCLEX application fees: Approximately $300

4 Transcripts sent to state board with application for licensure.