Wellness services

We make decisions on a daily basis that impact health and well-being.

Columbia College's outreach services are designed to give you the chance to engage in and learn about healthy living through a variety of programs. Wellness encompasses a wide variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • intellectual
  • spiritual
  • social health

Learn strategies for healthy living through presentations, group or individual consultations, wellness week activities, and online resources.


Our Wellness, Health and Counseling staff facilitate interactive presentations on a wide variety of health topics throughout the year to student groups, athletic teams, classrooms, residence halls, faculty and staff. Due to COVID-19, presentations are being conducted online through video conferencing tools.  Wellness presentations can be tailored to meet your student group’s unique needs.  To schedule a presentation, call 573-875-7423.

Examples of past presentation include:

  • General stress management
  • Stress and Covid-19
  • Anxiety (general, test or performance)
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional regulation
  • Interpersonal communication
  •  Conflict resolution
  • Motivation
  •  Healthy relationships
  • Sleep hygiene
  •  Mindful eating
  • Alcohol 101
  •  Marijuana and CBD
  • Sexual health and STD prevention
  •  Suicide prevention 

Basics Alcohol Intervention Program

Basics stands for Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students. Basics is a non-judgmental program that evaluates students' personal alcohol and drug use. The program increases student motivation to be safe and reduce harm with alcohol use.

Information shared by a student in Basics is confidential. If you are referred by another office, you maybe asked to give written permission for Wellness, Health and Counseling staff to inform the referrer of your attendance. If you are curious about your drinking habits, call and make an appointment today. 

Nicotine cessation

Nicotine cessation is a series of non-judgmental consultations that help students gain personal motivation to cease nicotine use.  For students who want to decrease or quit their nicotine use, they may meet with a professional to obtain resources, learn techniques for coping with cravings, make a plan for quitting, learn strategies for staying nicotine free and cope with relapse. Call to  schedule a consultation. 

Wellness Weeks / Months

Wellness weeks provide time to engage students with fun activities, meet our staff, gain knowledge and learn about resources.  They vary from year to year depending on student needs. Examples of past programming include Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Awareness, Suicide Prevention and Safe Spring Break.

Online resources and media

Visit us on Instagram @cc_cougars_care . Please note that we do reply to posts on social media. To communicate with a staff person one-on-one, please call our office, during business hours. Online resources are available.