Green Zones provide space for veterans

The Green Zone program ensures that Columbia College provides a safe, supportive environment for all military students.

Green Zone Zone

A Green Zone is a designated location recognized by veterans as a safe place. Faculty and staff who have undergone training to become Green Zone advocates proudly display the Green Zone seal in their office or on their syllabus.

Green Zone advocates are trained to be aware of issues and concerns that student veterans and their families face. They're available to listen and assist student veterans and their families, providing a sympathetic ear. Advocates can refer veterans and family members to appropriate services, as needed.

Green Zone advocates are not expected to be experts or be able to solve all issues. Instead, they are a resource to student veterans.

Green Zone training

Green Zone training includes:

  • How to identify student veterans and understand their demographics
  • Understanding military experience and the cycle of deployments
  • Understanding the strengths of veterans in the classroom
  • Understanding the challenges veterans face in the classroom
  • Identifying resources available to student veterans such as disability, health, counseling and tutoring services
  • Knowing what questions should and should not be asked to veterans
  • Discussion of typical scenarios student veterans face and how to appropriately navigate them