Excel in the LEADS Program

We recognize students who are emerging leaders.

Columbia College’s LEADS Program is a leadership enrichment program incorporating experiential learning opportunities, service projects, and curricular/co-curricular activities. These components combine to create an atmosphere of learning where equity, inclusion, and development of a student’ character are tied to lifelong learning and intellectual growth. Using the student leadership competencies, the program will be able to educate, support, and encourage students to become leaders within the Columbia College community and beyond.

Student benefits

Members of The LEADS Program:

  • Will receive college credit for participation in the program.
  • Will gain career readiness skills and experience.
  • Will develop strong power skills.
  • Will learn from current industry leaders connected within their field of study and beyond.
  • Network with local and state-wide national leaders.
  • Participate in creating a change for change within Columbia College Community and Columbia Area.
  • Participate in a new National Leadership Honor Society with opportunities to connect with current and relevant change makers such as Kevin Hart (Award Winning Actor, Producer, and Entrepreneur), Kelly Ripa (Award Winning Host and Producer), and Andrew Yang (Entrepreneur Business Person/Politician).



The LEADS Program applicants must be currently enrolled at the traditional campus and in good judicial standing. Selection is based on cumulative GPA, application content, an interview and letter of recommendation. Throughout the selection process, the committee assesses the overall fit of each student to the program.

Returning and incoming students must maintain a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA with continued involvement in the program and its activities. The selection committee will also monitor all returning students' activities and ensure that contributions are consistent.

Program details


Semester 1: Fall

This two credit hour, in-seat course meets for 1.5 hours weekly, with focus on developing leadership skills. 

Semester 2: Spring

This two credit hour, in-seat course, meets for 1.5 hours weekly, and focuses on a Legacy Project.


The LEADS Program prepares you for leadership roles

Being involved in the LEADS Program will hone leadership abilities that can help you regardless of your career choice. Apply today to gain a valuable college education that will prepare you for leadership roles at work and in life.

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