Housing contracts & assignments

Students living on campus must submit a housing contract.

Room and board rates

View room and board rates for each residence hall.

Housing contract

All students required to live on-campus must complete and digitally sign a housing contract. The housing contract is for the fall and spring semesters of that academic year. Contracts are binding for the contracted time period and generally will not be cancelled as long as the student remains enrolled at Columbia College. Admitted students will be able to submit an electronic contract via The Housing Portal. Use your CC credentials to log-in. All returning students will receive information from the Office of Residential Life regarding the renewal process. No student can sign up for a residence hall space until a housing contract has been submitted. Questions regarding the housing contract should be addressed to the Director of Residential Life at (573) 875-7450.

Important roommate and room selection dates:

  • February 1: Complete roommate profile and begin searching for a roommate.
    Application for Cougar Village and Hughes Haven is available.
  • February 26: Deadline to submit application for Cougar Village and Hughes Haven.
  • March 15 - July 12: Room selection opens for returning residents.
  • April 1 - July 12: Room selection opens for new residents.
  • July 12: All roommate and room selection processes close. All assignments will be made by Residential Life staff.

Roommate and room selection process:

In March, students may begin self-selecting their residence hall and room for fall semester. Students are able to search for a potential roommate by name or browse attributes they desire in a potential roommate. Once a roommate match is made, a student can proceed to select a room based on the timeline mentioned above. When selecting a room, students can view a roster of room numbers and students' names. 

Some parameters have been set based on sex and new/returning students space. When logging in, available rooms will be displayed based on those parameters. 

Students who choose not to select a specific space will be automatically placed in mid-July.

Please be aware that all assignments are subject to change.

Housing for students with disabilities

Residential Life recognizes that students with disabilities who live on campus may have special needs that require special accommodations. Any student with a special need is asked to contact Residential Life to discuss their situation. Residential Life is committed to finding solutions and offering assistance and accommodations.

Roommate and room selection process

Students may self select their residence hall and room. Search for potential roommates by browsing characteristics and attributes you'd like to see in a potential roommate. Or you may search by a student's name. Once a roommate match is made, students can select a room by viewing a roster of room numbers and student names.

Students who do not select a specific room will be automatically placed in mid-July. Assignments are subject to change.

Students with disabilities may request special accommodations by contacting the Student Accessibility Resources office.

The college reserves the right to establish room and roommate assignment procedures. Roommate assignments are not made on the basis of race, color or creed.