Consider graduate school

Graduate school is a great option for students who want opportunities to pursue specialized careers or advanced positions.

We recommend pursuing a graduate-level program immediately following your baccalaureate graduation if you are considering a profession where advanced education may be required. This includes law, medicine or teaching.

Some graduate programs, such as the Master of Business Administration, prefer that recent college graduates gain work experience before applying. 

Graduate programs and professors expect students to know their area of specialization, so graduate school should not be used to explore careers.

Obtaining information about schools & programs

When researching graduate schools, talk with your professors. Often, they'll know about the reputation of departments across the country.

You can also explore guides to graduate study. These guides outline academic programs, financial aid, costs and application requirements. 

Visit schools if possible. Make arrangements to meet with faculty, current graduate students and the person who coordinates applicant review. If you cannot visit, request specific information about research, course content, admissions requirements and financial aid.

Graduate admissions tests

Admission to graduate school can depend on various factors such as the academic discipline, educational institution and number of applicants to a program. The Grossnickle Career Services Center can help you with the graduate admissions process at the school you're considering. 

Admissions tests vary by type of study. The most common admissions tests include the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) for business schools, and the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) for law school.  

Graduate programs can boost your potential

Getting a master's degree can boost your career and earning potential. At Columbia College, you can complete your master's in as little as 12 months. Apply today to get started.

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