Recruit & interview students 

Our recruiting policy lets employers interview students across the world. 

Columbia College has partnered with Handshake, the leading career website for college students. Handshake focuses on helping students find the jobs they’re looking for and makes it easy for employers to recruit them. As the most trusted college recruiting platform, Handshake enables employers to connect with students through job postings, targeted outreach, dynamic branding, and digital features like virtual career fairs and events. As an employer, posting open positions on Handshake allows you to potentially reach over 8 million students at more than 1200 colleges and universities. To get started on Handshake, contact the Career Center at 

Information sessions

You may also host an information session to make students aware of your organization or to target a specific group of students. Some employers opt to set up a table in a high-traffic area or schedule a room for a short presentation to students. Please indicate audio visual equipment needs when scheduling a table or room.

Extending offers to candidates

Career Services requires that employers supply accurate information about their organization, employment opportunities and compensation packages when extending an offer. Employing organizations are responsible for information supplied and commitments made by their representatives.

Career Services asks that employers communicate decisions to candidates within a reasonable time frame and communicate that time frame to the candidates.

Career Services ask that employers provide a reasonable time frame for acceptance of offers extended to candidates. No candidate should be given fewer than 10 business days to make a decision on an offer. Employers are expected to refrain from any undue pressure to accept the job or to renege on an acceptance of another offer.

If conditions change and require the employer to revoke commitment, the employer will pursue a course of action that is fair and equitable. This includes but is not limited to financial assistance and outplacement services.

Third-party recruiters

Organizations providing interviewing services for a fee will be required to inform Career Services of the specific employer they represent and the jobs for which they are recruiting. They will also permit verification of information. Any disclosure of student information outside of the third-party interviewing organization and the company they are representing must have prior consent of the student. Third-party recruiters that charge fees to students will not be permitted access to Career Services. 

Other interviewing opportunities

Vacancy listings

If coming to the college is not possible, you can post your positions to our online job bank. Jobs that are posted to Columbia College will be free of charge. First-time users should "Sign up for an account " and follow the prompts. After your request for an account has been processed, you can begin to enter your jobs and search and view candidates.