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We host a career fair every year on our campus in Columbia, Missouri.

Students & alumni

Columbia College Grossnickle Career Services Center invites you to attend and participate in the 2022 Virtual Career Fair on Thursday, March 3. This event is dedicated to serving the career needs of Columbia College students and alumni, and is also open to students and alumni from other universities and colleges free of charge. The Columbia College Career Fair is designed to connect employers with the best and brightest students for future employment.


There is no fee to participate in this year's virtual career fair. This event offers multiple opportunities to meet the diverse needs of the students we serve. We encourage students to explore their career options, obtain employer information, and network with professionals in their field. Registration is open !

All employers must comply with the Columbia College employer policy. All reservations are subject for review.


Attend our career fair year after year

Columbia College alumni are always welcome to attend the career fair and explore job openings. Apply today and enjoy lifelong career support, including ongoing access to employers and new career opportunities.

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