Get career advice for life

Columbia College provides lifelong career advising to all graduates. 

Career assessment 

Our office offers career assessments to help you determine and further define your career path. The Career Center administers these assessments, which are free to students and alumni.

Practice interviews

Just like most skills, you can improve your interview skills with practice. In-person or virtual mock interviews are available to all students seeking a job or applying to graduate school.

  • Practice interview skills with a career specialist
  • Receive immediate feedback during your session
  • Use a mock interview appointment as a final dress rehearsal
Student with career advisor.

A career advisor can help you:

  • Choose or change a career direction
  • Understand the relationship between your degree and career options
  • Assess your abilities, interests and priorities
  • Locate career information
  • Learn more about graduate school
  • Master job search techniques
  • Help create and/or improve your resume and cover letter
  • Develop interview skills
  • Transition from college to work

Career counselors available for life

At Columbia College, career counseling continues after you graduate. We'll help you assess your career and explore opportunities for life . Apply today and enjoy the benefits of lifelong career support.

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