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Minors on Campus and Mandatory Reporting Requirements Policy


Columbia College (the "College") is committed to the safety and well-being of minors present on its campuses. Consistent with this commitment, this Policy sets forth the expectations and guidelines related to minors on campus as well as the mandatory reporting obligations for abused or neglected minors.


This policy applies to all members of the College community. Columbia College military locations should also refer to procedures outlined by the military host.


The College recognizes that minors (individuals under 18 years of age) may be present on campus for a variety of legitimate reasons. They may visit as prospective students while in high school or once they graduate from high school, accompany current students and/or employees to official College activities or events, come as participants on field trips or community service projects, or come to other official College programming on campus. Whatever the reason for their presence, College employees and students are to be particularly vigilant regarding the safety and security of minors on campus. This duty increases as the College’s role in their care, custody or control while on campus increases. All members of the College community are expected to be positive role models to minors by behaving in a caring, honest, respectful, and responsible manner at all times.

This Policy requires appropriate adult supervision for all minors on campus at all times. The College believes that it is in the best interest of minors and members of the College community that minors shall not be unattended or unsupervised while on campus in any circumstance. When minors are on campus as part of an official College activity or event (such as a camp), the individuals responsible for the activity or event are responsible for ensuring minors are supervised while on campus. When minors are on campus accompanying current students and/or employees, the current student and/or employee is responsible for ensuring minors are supervised at all times while on campus and minors shall not be unattended at any time while on campus.

Minors are not permitted to attend class sessions with parents or guardians who are College students, in part, because this creates the possibility for disruption in the classroom and detracts from the delivery of course information. The College has many online course offerings available in the event childcare cannot be secured for on-ground class sessions.

Individuals who fail to abide by the Policy may be subject to discipline.

For individuals at the Columbia, MO location of the College, questions regarding this Policy should be directed to the individual and/or department that has oversight over the event or activity for which someone wants to bring a minor.

For individuals at other College locations, questions regarding this Policy should be directed to the Director of that particular location.


Members of the College community should click the hyperlinks provided below for information about State specific mandatory reporting obligations for child abuse and neglect. College employees are responsible for familiarizing themselves with these requirements. Included in this information is contact information for making reports of suspected child abuse and/or neglect. The College prohibits retaliation for individuals who make good faith reports in accordance with mandatory reporting obligations described in the hyperlinks below. Additionally, please visit for more information on protecting children from child abuse and neglect. 

The state of Missouri does offer a free Online Mandated Reporter training that was developed by the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children. This training can be accessed at and contains lessons on the following: (1) legal requirements of the mandated reporter, (2) child abuse/neglect defined and indicators of child abuse/neglect, (3) plan for responding to suspicious child abuse/neglect, and (4) effectively reporting.


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