Campus Closure Work Study Policy


This policy is in place to address work study, in cases where campus may close or move to online distance learning, and student employees are unable to continue working on campus. This policy specifically addresses campus closure for the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


This policy applies to all student employees who fall under the federally funded work study program at Columbia College.


In a case where campus has closed to students, and students are unable to work their work study positions, Columbia College will continue to pay the student employee under work study if the following criteria are met…

  1. The student is still work-study eligible.
  2. The student has started in the position, or has completed starting paperwork and has accepted a position under the work study program previous to the campus closure announcement.
  3. The reason the student is unable to work is due to campus closure or all classes moving to an online educational format, not because the student chooses to leave campus.
  4. The student must remain enrolled in classes to receive the work study funds.

The following criteria has been created in regards to the way the student is paid….

  1. The student will not need to log hours for the time period in which the campus is effectively closed.
  2. The hours will be paid out in a bi-weekly paycheck.
  3. The student will not earn over their allotted amount awarded at the beginning of the semester in the financial aid package.
  4. Hours will be determined by the amount of approved hours in the financial aid review.
  5. If a student reduces the number of courses taken, or otherwise has a reduction in their financial aid award amount, the new award amount will be used to determine total allotment.

This policy is in place to assist our work study students to have continued income, as awarded per financial aid. The decision to continue payments of the work study funds is to ensure students receive expected income to meet their needs during campus closure, or a move to an online platform.

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