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What is your "Technology IQ"?

To be successful in an online education course, students are required not only to master the course content and materials, but to understand technology, troubleshoot technical problems, and interact with faculty and students in a completely online environment.

The check list below will help you determine if you have the "technology savvy" required for academic success in online courses.

Yes No Skill
1. Save and receive e-mail
2. Send and receive/locate e-mail attachments
3. Use spell check to correct spelling errors
4. Save/delete files on an external storage device (CD, thumb drive, etc.)
5. Scan for viruses using virus scanning software
6. Create a folder/sub-directory
7. Use WinZip (or similar software) to compress/decompress files
8. Search for information on the Internet using search engines
9. Create a bookmark or favorite to locate a specific Web site
10. Save an image from the Web
11. Format a Word document using columns or tables
12. Copy/cut and paste information between programs
13. Manipulate multiple windows/programs simultaneously
14. Sort data in a spreadsheet
15. Create a chart in a spreadsheet
16. Insert a table and/or chart from Excel to a Word document
17. Download applications/plug-ins from the Internet
18. Install software and/or plug-ins on a computer
19. Create a PowerPoint presentation with graphics
20. Create a Web page using HTML or a page generator
21. Add sound and/or video to a presentation

The above list is modified from research developed by Elizabeth Reed Osika, Manager Instructional Services, Purdue University Calumet.


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