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Is online learning for me?

Online courses are offered on the internet through the Columbia College website. The courses are asynchronous — they do not meet at scheduled times — therefore students can access the courses when it is convenient for them. This page should ready you for your online learning experience.

To check that you are ready for online learning, do the following:

Online learning self-assessment

Do online courses fit your learning style? Some people learn better by face-to-face interaction. The primary sources of directions and information in online courses are textual materials (either on paper or on the computer).

Some students prefer the independence of online courses; others find it uncomfortable. While you have greater freedom of scheduling, they require more self-discipline than on-campus courses. The individual student must take responsibility for regularly contacting other students and the instructor.

It is a common misconception that online courses are less time-consuming than on-campus classes. Online courses require at least as much time to be dedicated by the student as on-campus courses. Typically successful students report having spent more time — not less — than for a regularly scheduled class. Take this self assessment quiz to find out if online courses are right for you.

Minimum hardware and software requirements

It is important that your computer and the programs you have installed on it meet the minimum requirements for online courses.Read more about the technology requirements.


The more familiar you are with the online learning environment, the more you will benefit from the learning experience.

  • Take the free course demo
  • Read through how online learning works
  • Keep up to date with the assignments and the participation requirements for the course
  • If you are having trouble with the course assignments or need clarification contact your instructor


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