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Graduation FAQ

How do I graduate?

Two or three sessions before you expect to finish your last class, submit the Declaration of Candidacy for Degree form.This form can be found in your Cougartrack. (Or you can find this form in CougarTrack>Menu>Students>Forms>Declaration of Candidacy for Degree Form.) This will begin the graduation process and notify the college of the degree you wish to be awarded.

Is there an actual graduation ceremony for online students?

Students may participate in the commencement ceremony at any Columbia College campus. You may indicate your intention to walk in a ceremony by checking the box on the Declaration of Candidacy for Degree form. If you want to participate at a campus other than Columbia, Missouri, you should contact that campus to be included in their ceremony.

Will my diploma indicate that this was an "online" degree?

No. Your diploma will look like any other Columbia College diploma. An Online degree has identical requirements to one completed on-campus. A course follows the same master syllabus whether taken on campus or online.

Are online students eligible for graduation honors?

A student may be considered for graduation honors if at least 60 hours have been completed with Columbia College. Honors are not given for associate degrees.

What is my graduation date?

Your graduation date will be the last day of the session you complete your final requirement. If your last class is transfer credit, your graduation date will still be the end of the Columbia College session in which the transfer class falls.


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