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Admissions frequently asked questions

I attended Columbia College a few years ago. Do I still still need to apply?

Students who last attended Columbia College more than a year ago will need to submit a new Online Application form in order to readmit and become an active student again.

How long does it take to be admitted?

New students can be admitted as soon as we receive a high school transcript or college transcript, or proof of completion of high school equivalency, and complete the Authentication process. Returning students can be admitted immediately if there is no previous account balance owed to Columbia College.

What is the application deadline?

There is no deadline for admission. Students may submit an application and be admitted at any time.

I have my acceptance email. What do I do next?

The first thing to do is set up your CougarMail (student email account) in CougarTrack, since this is the official communication link between you and Columbia College. Your financial aid, registration, and advising information will come to your CougarMail email. If you are applying for financial aid, visit the Financial Aid website for information and submit required paperwork as soon as possible. Request official transcripts from all previous colleges, military experience, and CLEP, AP, or DSST exams. If you are using VA or GI Bill funding, contact our representative for assistance. Check our website to find the date when you may register for courses.

Do I need to submit transcripts if I've served in the military?

If you are, or have ever been, in the military, you will also need to send us a Joint Services Transcript (JST)*. For details on what we will accept, please take some time to look at the Military Credit section of our Evaluations Department website.

Do I need to submit transcripts if I'm not seeking a degree?

If you were admitted as non-degree seeking with Columbia College, you are not required to submit transcripts for evaluation, although you may be asked to submit unofficial transcripts as proof of a prerequisite class. However, if you were admitted as non-degree seeking and you then decide to pursue a degree with us, you will be required to submit all official transcripts for evaluation.


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