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Meet your Student Government Executive Board

Zach McAdams

headshot of Zach McAdams

Position: President
Committee: Academic Affairs
Involvement: Student Government Association, Student Ambassadors, Science Club, Honors Student Association, Research Lab Assistant, Science Tutor
Favorite thing about SGA: SGA has the unique opportunity to interact with the student body and then relay any concerns/suggestions to the appropriate administrators. Being involved in positive initiatives is an exciting and rewarding experience that I am proud to be a part of!
Why CC: Columbia College is the perfect combination of a small school in a college town which provides a truly unique experience to its students. From the faculty to the staff to the students, there is an incredible sense of community that encourages everyone to excel in their academics and organizations!

Emily Bouldin

headshot of Emily Bouldin

Position in SGA: Executive Vice President
SGA Committee: Student Life
Involvement on campus: SGA
Favorite thing about SGA: My favorite thing about Student Government is being able to be involved on campus. I am able to hear the concerns of students and make a difference. We want student voices to be heard and understood.
Why I chose CC: I chose to come to Columbia College because I wanted a small school in a college town.I felt so comfortable when I toured, I knew instantly it would be my home for the next four years. I love the pride our school takes in being Cougars.

Grey Hayes

Grey Hayes headshot

Position in SGA: Vice President of Communication 
SGA Committee: ERC
Involvement on campus: Student Government, Women’s Basketball
Favorite thing about SGA: Being a part of SGA is more than just being involved. For me, my favorite thing about SGA is being able to contribute to making everyone’s experience here better and engaging in different activities throughout campus. I also enjoy getting to meet and participate in things I would not have thought to do unless being involved in SGA.
Why I chose CC: Although Columbia College initially sparked my interest when being recruited to play on the basketball team, I quickly knew that this would be a second home for me. I chose CC because of the welcoming environment and the small school with the college town feel. I also liked that Columbia College does a great job at providing an education with a staff that genuinely cares about each student and their success.

Zyeon Oatts

Headshot of Zyeon Oatts

Position in SGA: Vice President of Administration
SGA Committee: Professional Development
Involvement on campus: Student Government Association, Black Student Coalition, the Honors Student Association.
Favorite thing about SGA: SGA is great because I love hearing about what is going on around campus. I also enjoy discussing any issues on campus, and developing potential solutions to those problems. It makes me feel good. 
Why I chose CC: I chose CC mainly for the forensic program. It is one of the best, if not the best, in Missouri. But also because CC is a smaller school. This allows me to develop better connections with all of the students on campus, and plus I won't get easily lost!


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