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Meet your Student Government Executive Board

Daymond Dollens

Damon Dollens

Position: President
Committee: Academic Affairs
Involvement: SGA, Student Ambassadors, Golf Team
Favorite thing about SGA: I really enjoy being able to be a representative of the student body. It is fun to meet with administrators to work on issues that affect the students. I also enjoy working with all the very talented and diverse group of students we have in SGA.
Why CC: I chose CC because of the family atmosphere. I come from a large family and felt right at home when I came for my tour. It is nice being part of such a close-knit community that is friendly. I also feel like it is easy to get lost in the numbers at other schools but not at Columbia College. All the faculty and staff care about my success and are willing to do all they can to make me successful.

Prince Chingarande

Prince Chingarande
Position in SGA: Executive Vice President
SGA Committee: Professional Development
Involvement on campus: Vice President of Black Student Coalition; Vice President of Honors Student Association; Treasurer of Tuesday Night Live.
Favorite thing about SGA: I love serving the student body and helping to initiate change on campus.
Why I chose CC: Columbia College has a great community that I deeply resonate with.

Lauren Lagemann

Lauren Legemann

Position in SGA: Vice President of Administration 
SGA Committee: Student Life
Involvement on campus: Student Ambassadors, DECA
Favorite thing about SGA: I love the connections we get to make because of SGA. From playing pool at Dr. Dalrymple’s house to sitting down and having a meeting with Dave Roberts, Dean of Student Affairs, you really get to have those one-on-one connections with the school’s administration.
Why I chose CC: I chose Columbia College because of the atmosphere on campus. It’s very unusual to find a college where faculty know all of their students by name and still remember you two or three semesters after you’ve taken their class. I think part of what allows Columbia College students to do so well is the fact that their professors genuinely care about building a relationship with them and seeing them do well. 

Jake Thompon

headshot of Jake Thompson

Position in SGA: Vice President of Communication
SGA Committee: Elections and Recruitment 

Erin Weaver

Erin Weaver
Position in SGA: Campus Activities Board Executive
SGA Committee: If you count CAB as a committee
Involvement on Campus: CAB, SGA, Vice President of Alpha Chi, Sigma Zeta, Mock Trial, Honors Program
Favorite Thing about SGA: I love how we are dedicated to make the student life better. 
Why I chose CC: Their amazing forensic science program drew me to CC but then when I set foot on campus for my tour, I felt immediately at home. I love the small campus and class sizes, and the community is so loving and welcoming. 


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