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Academic Preparedness Resources

Study skills are proven to play an important role in your academic success at college. Developing effective study habits is not rocket science; yet, they must be practiced in order for you to improve. No two people study the same way, and it is apparent that what would work for one person might not work for others. However, there are several general techniques that you can apply when you try to study for classes.

Good and simple study habits include taking notes and listening to the lecture in class, arriving to class prepared, asking for help from your instructors and studying regularly instead of procrastinating. Time management is also important in developing study skills. Make sure to have to-do lists, weekly/monthly calendars or planners to keep yourself on track.

Here are some resources that would be useful for developing/improving your OWN study skills: This website focuses on information about test-taking strategies. Moreover, it has lots of information about how to take good notes, facts and myths about studying and how to study for certain standardized tests (CLEP, GMAT, GRE, MCAT, etc.). This website has more general and easy to understand information about study skills. It also shares many inspirational stories. A comprehensive website with information about anything related to studying. The website also can be displayed in more than 30 different languages! You can also download templates to make your own calendar/planner/to-do-list.


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