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Graduate testimonial: Jackie Reeder, ’12

Degree completed:

Bachelor in General Studies with minors in business administration and biology, Columbia College Day and Evening campuses. 

Extracurricular activities at Columbia College:

Member, Sigma Zeta.

Employer name:

Columbia College, Columbia, Mo

Position title:

Senior Compliance Specialist for Columbia College for Office of Institutional Compliance

What do you do in that position?

I support the director of compliance with a large variety of tasks including completing state compliance approvals, creating and maintaining a compliance database, and coordinating with internal departments regarding compliance affairs. I also research compliance rules and regulations for different states, assisting with compliance approvals for new degree programs, and other various projects as needed.

How is that experience?

My experience working at Columbia College is very fulfilling. My career with the college has allowed me the opportunity to expand my professional knowledge while earning my undergraduate degree. I enjoy the nature of my work, find my colleagues to be very supportive, and appreciate the opportunity to apply the knowledge I have gained while on the job. While a student at Columbia College, I learned the values of an education. As an employee of the college, I am able to use my education in a variety of ways.

What have you learned?

I have learned a vast amount of applicable knowledge during my educational and professional experience with Columbia College. I have learned the necessary skills to develop a successful career while obtaining my undergraduate degree. I have had positive influences here at Columbia College, individuals who supported me while I worked toward my degree. It takes a lot to obtain your ultimate career, but having the right people surrounding you makes the journey easier.

Did you use the Grossnickle Career Services Center?

Yes, I was a student assistant at the Grossnickle Career Services Center prior to obtaining a full-time position. I also utilized many of the services offered by the center during my student employment.

What Grossnickle Career Services Center resources did you utilize?

 I made use of individual appointments with staff members to work on my resume, cover letter, job search, career assessment and interviewing skills. I found the individual appointment option to be very valuable because of the advice and practice it provided, which better prepared me for finding a job. I also attended a career fair. The supportive guidance of the staff at the Grossnickle Career Services Center was very useful when I began searching for full-time employment.

What would you tell other students about your experience with the Grossnickle Career Services Center?

The Grossnickle Career Services Center is staffed by individuals who truly care about Columbia College’s students and alumni. The center also maintains great relationships with companies within the community. The services provided at the center are definitely worth your time, and the best part is it’s free for students and alumni. I highly recommend meeting with the staff, asking questions and participating in any workshops or events hosted by the Grossnickle Career Services Center.



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