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Resumes & cover letters


A resume is your most important tool when searching for a job or internship. It serves not as an exhaustive document of positions you've held, but as a summary of the skills and knowledge base you can offer to an employer and a demonstration of your ability.

Resumes differ from industry to industry and sometimes from position to position. Your resume also can be modified toward a specific industry. For example, technical resumes need to highlight computer skills earlier than marketing resumes. Don't limit your experiences to just paid work. Volunteer, extracurricular and athletics are all activities that are appropriate for a resume.

You don't have long to make an impression with your resume. Trying to overwhelm the reviewer with everything you have done rarely works. You should highlight skills and accomplishments you have that will make you a good match for the opportunity.

Cover letters

A cover letter, also referred to as a letter of application, accompanies your resume. Cover letters are important because they serve as a first impression of your application materials. They also reflect your writing skills.

Cover letters serve multiple purposes, including:

  • Introducing your resume
  • Expressing your personality, skills, experience and enthusiasm for the position
  • Providing support for your candidacy that is not covered by your resume

It is important that you customize your cover letter for each position and potential employer.

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