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On-site Interviews / Second Interviews

Congratulations! You made it through the screening interview and are now in the list of top candidates for the position. The on-site or second interview will generally result in a job offer to one of the candidates so it is essential to be prepared.

On-site interviews:

  • Tend to be significantly longer than screening interviews, from several hours/ to an day depending upon the level of the position.
  • May include tours of the facility and dining with company representatives.
  • Will probably include meeting a variety of individuals such as supervisors, colleagues, and support staff.
  • Remember to consider everyone you meet as a potential evaluator!

Tips for on-site interviews

  • You may need to answer the same questions over and over as you will be meeting with a variety of
  • people.
  • You will need to answer more specific and in-depth questions. Be prepared to speak about your education, skills, strengths, experience, and career goals.
  • You will need to ask more in-depth questions about the company, position and culture of the organization. This is your opportunity to interview the company and determine if it is a fit for you.
  • If travel is necessary, be sure to ask how expenses will be handled prior to the interview to avoid any misunderstandings later.
  • If you are not sent an agenda for the interview, call the organization and ask for a schedule for the interview including the names and titles of those that will be interviewing you.
  • Expect little free time if any. Be prepared for a fast-paced schedule.
  • If you will be attending any receptions or meals, brush up on etiquette guidelines.
  • Do not smoke, even if offered a break.
  • Carry all essentials in one briefcase. Bring a professional-looking notepad portfolio to carry extra copies of your resume/documents and for taking notes if needed.
  • Be prepared that you may be asked to complete some employment tests during your visit.


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