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Avoiding Procrastination

Staying current with your studies and classes must be a top priority in order to avoid procrastination.

  1. To avoid putting off a task, make a plan to get the work done. Setting a goal to begin and complete the work will help avoid procrastination.
  2. Set aside specific time in your schedule to start the work, write it down on your schedule and stick to it.
  3. Learn to set priorities in your schedule. If an instructor announces a surprise test for tomorrow, know how to juggle other tasks to make time to study. Do not put off those other tasks indefinitely. Revise your schedule to include the test and make time in the next day's schedule to include the other tasks you set aside.
  4. Making a schedule and keeping to that schedule will increase your motivation. Staying current with your work load is a great motivator!
  5. Anxiety and stress will diminish as you increase your involvement.


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