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Analytic Paragraph

  • Claim/topic sentence
  • Evidence or details from text (support the claim)
  • Analysis goes beyond the details and looks at: how and why ideas, images, symbols, words function or mean what they do. Considers: so what does this mean, what difference does it make. 
  • Be sure to include transition to the next piece of evidence and analysis, evidence or details from text (support the claim)
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion: insight regarding claims and analysis

Analytic Arguments

  • The argument has a clearly stated conclusion.
  • Everything within the argument is directed toward supporting the final conclusion.
  • The argument uses a reasonable degree of evidence appropriate to its conclusion.
  • Explains fallacies, inconsistencies, detects and refutes bias if present.
  • The argument expresses an understanding of the complexity of an issue.
  • The argument analyzes, evaluates, refutes counterarguments.
  • The argument examines the implications of its conclusion.


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