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Columbia College employees give $1.2 million to the college
Monday, September 29, 2008

(COLUMBIA, Mo.) -- Columbia College employees have long been generous, with recent employee contributions reaching record highs. Hundreds of dedicated staff and faculty have given $1.2 million to the college since 1993.

"We are overwhelmed by the support of Columbia College employees," said Dr. Gerald Brouder, president. "Our faculty and staff work extremely hard for their money, and the fact that so many of them give a portion of their paycheck to the college in support of its mission speaks volumes about the sense of community that exists here."

Nearly 2,000 faculty and staff, both current and former, have made donations to support the college. Employees of all levels and positions contributed--from receptionists to senior-level administrators. Their reasons are as varied as their job titles.

"What inspires me to give to Columbia College is the intellectual growth I see in the students from year to year and knowing the role the college's faculty and staff have in promoting it," said Terry Obermoeller, executive assistant for academic affairs.

Karen Fry, office coordinator for administrative services, said she gives because the college provides a pleasant work environment and excellent benefits to its employees.

Kevin Palmer, chief information officer, said, "I'm inspired by the sense of community and the belief that Columbia College has a unique ability to contribute to many different areas of our society through education, which produces a more informed populace--the essence of a free society."

Brouder said employee contributions, together with support from alumni and other constituents, allow the college to continue to improve its facilities, services and academic programs.