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What is Academic Advising?

Academic Advising is a developmental process of assisting students in the clarification of their career goals and aiding in the design and implementation of a successful academic plan. The ongoing decision-making process of exploring, integrating, and synthesizing is a multifaceted responsibility of both the student and the advisor. The advisor serves as a facilitator of communication with access to information, resources and support. While the College provides academic advisement, the responsibility of meeting all degree requirements rests with the student.

What are my advisor's responsibilities?

  • Be accessible for meetings during office hours by appointment, telephone, or email.
  • Be responsive to student concerns and respectful of student's values and choices.
  • Be an advocate for students while maintaining confidentiality pursuant to FERPA laws.
  • Maintain accurate records in order to track progress and identify opportunities to meet and enhance students' academic goals.
  • Understand and effectively communicate curriculum requirements, academic policies, and procedures to help students develop realistic plans for efficient degree completion.

What are my responsibilities?

  • Assume responsibility for all decisions and actions that may impact your academic, financial, and career goals.
  • Read both print and electronic College communication and respond effectively when required.
  • Regularly review your academic progress to ensure you are achieving your goals.
  • Be prepared to discuss goals, skills, and limitations when working with your advisor.
  • Commit yourself to an academic plan that supports your goals.
  • Contact your advisor promptly with relevant questions relating to course scheduling, degree requirements and choice of academic programs.

Did you know?

Studies show that the most successful students are those who register for classes early.

When taken early, Basic Studies Courses such as English and math will provide students with skills necessary for future courses. Columbia College requires students to complete Basic Studies Courses and declare a major within the first sixty hours.

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