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Galapagos Island Study Tour

March 23 - March 31, 2019

MOSAIC - Study Abroad 2018

Deadline to enroll is March 23

Study abroad can be one of college’s most enriching and life-changing experiences, allowing students to earn credit while experiencing the world up close — increasing cultural awareness or practicing a language. Study abroad is not only an opportunity for personal growth, it is an investment in the future, as employers increasingly seek applicants with cross-cultural competence and experience.

Columbia College offers a variety of study abroad experiences to serve ALL of our students. Our programs range in length from a few days to an entire semester. Through our programs, or those of our partners, Columbia College students can study practically anywhere in the world!

  • Columbia College has semester exchange partners in England, Japan, ScotlandSouth Korea and Thailand
  • Our MOSAIC program offers three- to four-week programs in the world’s greatest cities every summer
  • Columbia College Study Tours bring students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the College together each May for a nine to 14 day trip to a different part of the world
  • Columbia College maintains partnerships with the University of Missouri, the Central College (IA) study abroad consortium and Webster University (WINS) network

Whether you are a traditional, evening, nationwide or online student, and no matter your major, there is a Study Abroad opportunity for you!

Other upcoming dates

October 5 

Deadline for Canterbury Christ Church University for spring semester

October 22

Deadline for Study Abroad scholarship applications

December 8

Galapagos Islands Study Tour: Final Deadline


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