Processing times

Below are estimated ranges of standard processing times that specific departments make every effort to operate within. The times are subject to change throughout the academic year and increase during peak times, such as the beginning of a new school year. The purpose of posting these processing times is to provide students and staff a general idea of the turnaround time for various processes. These times begin once all required forms have been completed and eligibility requirements are met.


Admissions processing times
Status Processing time
(business days)
Completed application review

Financial Aid

Financial Aid processing times
Document Processing time
(business days)
Institutional aid applications (i.e., scholarships) 8-10
Receipt of FAFSA [1] 3-5
Documents (logged in My Documents) 1-3
Loan documents (logged in My Documents) 1-2
Self-Service MyAward loan modifications 2-3
Consortium agreements 5-7
Email inquiries 2-4
2021-22 verification 7-10
2021-22 Self-Service MyAward 2-5
2021-22 loan requests 5-7
2021-22 special file reviews (special consideration, dependency override, etc.) 10-12
2022-23 verification 7-10
2022-23 Self-Service MyAward 2-5 
2022-23 loan requests 10-12
2022-23 special file reviews (special consideration, dependency override, etc.) 10-12

Enrollment Service Center

Enrollment Service Center processing times
Document Processing time
(business days)
Email inquiries 1-2
DFS forms (Main Campus only) 1-2
Refund requests 14
Business Partnership or Academic Alliance Benefit Form
Military-Affiliated Benefit Request For Spouse Or Dependent Request 3-5
Military-Affiliated Benefit Installation Employee Request 3-5

Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar processing times
Document Processing time
(business days)
Change of name 1
Diplomas/degree posting 20-30
Diploma re-order 5
Online course withdrawal 1
Loan deferment forms 1
Transcript request 1-2
Enrollment verification forms
Change of degree program 1-3
Transcript evaluation (Official and Precursory) 1-3
Declaration of Candidacy for Degree 15

Ousley Family Veterans Service Center

Ousley Family Veterans Service Center (Online and Residential Campus students only)
Document Processing time
(business days)
Request of Certification (Required each term) 2-5

Nationwide VA students should contact the VA certifying official at their location for current turnaround times. The Department of Veteran Affairs' time for processing VA benefit applications can vary greatly, from five to 30 business days.

1 Any FAFSAs that were submitted before April 30 will have an award letter by May 18. Incoming traditional campus students may be packaged in 3-5 business days. Notifications will be sent to students' CougarMail accounts.

Change of Location forms will now be completed through the student's local advisor. Please contact location for specific turnaround time.