Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation (MoVR)

Columbia College offers assistance to persons through the Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation (MoVR) program, which helps eligible persons with disabilities find and maintain employment.

If you will be using MoVR for educational related expenses, your first step will be to consult with your MoVR counselor and have them fax an Authorization to Bill directly to our Business Office at (573) 875-7262. An authorization is a statement of what MoVR will pay. Payment amount varies for each student. Most authorizations will state that they cover a certain amount of tuition, books, fees and/or supplies. Since each student is different, please consult with your counselor as to what your authorization will cover.

Federal and state grants

MoVR billing is reduced by state and federal grant funding. If you are eligible and awarded a Federal Pell Grant, the amount that MoVR will pay will be reduced by that Pell Grant. For example: If your tuition is $1000 and your Pell Grant is $600, MoVR will only pay the difference between your tuition and Pell Grant, which would be $400.

MoVR is also reduced by the Missouri Access Grant. If you are eligible for the Missouri Access Grant, using MoVR and attending an eight-week session, billing for MoVR will not occur each eight-week session. The Missouri Access Grant requires that students take 12 credit hours within a 16-week semester (August-December and January-April). Therefore, students who are initially eligible for the Missouri Access Grant will not have MoVR billed until we are able to confirm final enrollment eligibility for the Missouri Access Grant. This means that billing for the Early Fall and Early Spring sessions will not occur until after the last day to drop classes for the Late Session has passed. Billing for the Early Spring session will not occur until after the last day to drop classes for the Late Spring Session has passed. Students who are eligible for full Pell and Missouri Access Grant funds may find that MoVR will not be billed for any expenses as these grants may cover all of your educational expenses.

Billing processes and refunds

We bill MoVR no later than Friday of the fourth week of classes each session. Bills are then sent to the local MoVR offices for approval. Next, local offices send the approved authorizations to headquarters in Jefferson City for final approval and check processing. Finally, payments are mailed to Columbia College. When we receive the payment we will apply it to your student account. If you have a credit on your student account, the refund is typically processed the following week. It is possible for this process to take four to eight weeks.

Since it generally takes longer for Columbia College to receive payment from MoVR than other federal aid funds (grants and loans), your tuition (and book) charges will be deducted from any other federal aid funds first. Once we receive payment from MoVR, you will receive a refund for any credit that may be on your account at that time.

If you feel that there was an error in the amount that MoVR paid, you may follow-up with your MoVR counselor (quickest option), or you may contact the Enrollment Service Center office who will then request our Business Office to contact your MoVR counselor for possible resolution.

Book vouchers for Residential Campus Students

If your authorization specifies that MoVR will cover your books, and you are taking an in-seat course with the Residential Campus, you can request a tax exempt book voucher which can be used to purchase books through the bookstore on campus. You will need to bring your Columbia College student ID and a copy of your schedule to the bookstore when you pick-up your books.

All other students who are taking courses at a nationwide location or online will have their books provided for them at no additional cost.

If your address needs to be updated, you may do so under the Address Change link on your CougarTrack. Address changes submitted online are normally processed in one to two business days.