Contact the Enrollment Service Center

The Enrollment Service Center can assist with financial aid, registration, student accounts, and various other topics related to a student’s account. We’ve listed a few (but not all) of our services below, so reach out, ESC is here to help!


ESC can provide financial aid counseling for:

  • FAFSA submission & required documents
  • General aid eligibility & amounts
  • How to accept or modify a financial aid offer letter
  • Financial Aid Suspension
  • Financial Aid Verification
  • Navigating Self-Service Financial Aid
  • Return to Title IV (R2T4)

ESC can provide enrollment support regarding:

  • How to make a payment online
  • How to register for classes
  • Registering for a parking permit (Columbia, MO campus)
  • Requesting an Itemized Billing Statements (IBS)
  • Requesting a Verification of Payment (VOP)
  • The refund process
  • Understanding past due balances

Standard processing times

We make every effort to process documents in a timely fashion. View estimated processing times for admissions, financial aid and other forms.

Parking permit procedures

Parking permits are available to all Columbia College students, faculty, staff, visitors and community members doing business at the Columbia College campus. Students can request a parking permit through their CougarTrack account in the Campus Safety section.

For pricing information, please visit the tuition page or contact the Enrollment Service Center.

If you have lost your parking permit, or suspect it has been stolen, contact Campus Safety.