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Honors and Awards

Students who distinguish themselves as scholars or in service to the music program of the college are recognized annually at the Honors and Awards Ceremony. 

Artie Mason Carter Award

Award presented to talented returning students in music.

  • 2016-Lauren Richardson  
  • 2015-Carly Fischer 
  • 2013-Samuel E. Scheffler
  • 2012-Rachel M. Garrett
  • 2011-Chadra F. Elrod
  • 2010-David C. Murrell
  • 2009-Sarah J. Anderson
  • 2008-Lisa J. Peters
  • 2007-Rachel K. Wester
  • 2006-Randall G. Silver Jr.
  • 2005-Montaque W. Nordeen/Shannon M. Wagner
  • 2004-Jolynn Miller/Ignacio R. Recondo
  • 2003-Jarrod A. Pantaleo/Karissa E. Scott

Kitty Iglehart Smith Award

Award presented to outstanding musicians regardless of major.

  •  2016-David McReynolds
  • 2015-Mary Russell 
  • 2013-Matthew D. Howard
  • 2012-Tessa B. Henderson
  • 2011-David J. Campbell
  • 2010-Morgunn B. Skipworth
  • 2009-Megan L. Boggess
  • 2008-Rachel K. Wester
  • 2007-Neal R. Lines
  • 2006-Christy L. Allen
  • 2005-Brenda J. Crosby
  • 2004-Montegue W. Nordeen
  • 2003-Andrea S. Rafter

Jane Froman Smith Memorial Scholarship

Award presented to an outstanding music student.

  • 2016-Logan A. Moore 
  • 2015-Logan A. Moore 
  • 2014-Jessica Mondy 
  • 2013-Jordan L. Isgriggs
  • 2012-Jordan L. Isgriggs
  • 2011-David C. Murrell
  • 2010-Chae L. Lee
  • 2009-Megan L. Boggess
  • 2008-Rachel K. Wester
  • 2007-Molly R. Hazell
  • 2006-Madison E. Goodin
  • 2005-Tracee A Winterhalter
  • 2004-Ryan S. Yager
  • 2003-Ryan S. Yager

Jane Froman Singer of the Year

Award presented to an outstanding music student who has been elected by the Jane Froman Singers in recognition of musicianship and leadership.

  • 2016-Mary Russell  
  • 2015-Jessica Mondy 
  • 2014-Britney Moody 
  • 2013-Rachel M. Garrett
  • 2012-Alicia S. Grote
  • 2011-Rebecca A. Kunce
  • 2010-Rachel K. Wester
  • 2009-Kellen A. Stokes
  • 2008-John W. Vandelicht
  • 2007-Randall A. Goff
  • 2006-Shannon M. Wagner
  • 2005-Ryan S. Yager
  • 2004-Kristen R. Carter

Freshman Music Award

Award presented to a freshman student with exemplary participation in a performance group.

  • 2016-Kaitlyn Landers 
  • 2015-Leah Hoveln  
  • 2014-Logan A. Moore 
  • 2013-Jordan L Nigus
  • 2012-Emily R. Mallette
  • 2011-Samuel E. Scheffler
  • 2010-David J. Campbell
  • 2009-Austin L. Miller
  • 2008-Rebecca A. Kunce
  • 2007-Lisa J. Peters
  • 2006-Kellen A. Stokes
  • 2005-Lindsey R. Spurgeon
  • 2004-Tracee A. Winterhalter

Jessie M. Burley Music Scholarship

Award presented to an outstanding music student.

  • 2016-Raychel Mooney  
  • 2015-Jordan Ulrich 
  • 2013-Caleb E. Tucker
  • 2012-Samuel E. Scheffler
  • 2011-Derrick R. Carson
  • 2010-Nathan B. Redelfs
  • 2009-Alex F. Brechbuhler
  • 2008-Magdalene J. Pride
  • 2007-Jon L. Freeland Jr.
  • 2006-Mark A. O’Laughlin
  • 2005-Chris M. Fontaine
  • 2004-Eric H. Guthrie
  • 2003-Eric H. Guthrie

Eloise Green Bates Scholarship in the Arts

Award presented to a full-time returning Day student with a declared major in Art, or Music, with financial need.

  • 2016-Aaron Nelson  
  • 2015-Laura Rowe 
  • 2013-Jordan L. Isgriggs
  • 2012-Jayme L. Perkins
  • 2011-Chae L. Lee
  • 2010-Gina K. Foster
  • 2009-Douglas I. Weaver
  • 2008-Gina K. Foster
  • 2007-John W. Vandelicht
  • 2006-Kristi L. Sappington
  • 2005-Ignacio R. Recondo
  • 2004-Chris M. Fontaine
  • 2003-Brian P. Davis

Louise Leebrick Atterbury '38 Music Scholarship

Award presented to a returning full time Day student with music as their declared major or minor.

  • 2016-Jordan Nigus  
  • 2015-Anna Ralls & Mary Russell 
  • 2013-Jordan A. Ulrich
  • 2012-Samuel E. Scheffler
  • 2011-Rachel M. Garrett
  • 2010-Kristina E. King
  • 2009-Chadra F. Elrod
  • 2008-Whitney L. Craig
  • 2007-Whitney L. Craig
  • 2006-Jon L. Freeland Jr.
  • 2005-Christy L. Allen

David O’Hagan Music Scholarship

Award presented to an outstanding student studying piano.

  • 2016-Rebecca Reed  
  • 2015-Logan A. Moore 
  • 2013-Samuel E. Scheffler
  • 2012-Brianna E. Hickman
  • 2011-Rachel L. Larkin
  • 2010-Austin L. Miller
  • 2009-Douglas I. Weaver
  • 2008-Rachel L. Larkin
  • 2007-Kristi L. Sappington

James and Betty Allen Braham ’42 Music Scholarship

Award presented to an outstanding student musician.

  • 2016-Jordan Ulrich   
  • 2015-Jordan Ulrich
  • 2014-Jordan Ulrich 
  • 2013-Samuel E. Scheffler
  • 2012-Jordan L. Isgriggs
  • 2011-Michael S. Talley

Marilyn Henderson Robbins Music Scholarship

Award presented to an outstanding student studying piano.

  • 2016-Rebecca Reed  
  • 2015-Rebecca Reed
  • 2014-Jordan Ulrich
  • 2013-Jordan L. Nigus

 Frances Dillingham Family Music Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding music student.

  • 2016-Laura Rowe  
  • 2015-Laura Rowe
  • 2014-Mary Russell

Frances Dillingham Performers of Distinction 

Presented to an outstanding music students. Selected students are presented in recital. 

  • 2017-TBA   


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