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Department of Visual Arts and Music

Instruction at Columbia College is personalized and designed to help you develop skills, knowledge, and prepare you for the complex and evolving worlds of visual art and music. As a student in our department you will enjoy small classes with our highly qualified faculty, who are passionate about their fields and sharing their expertise. Our programs combine classroom instruction with practical experiences to offer you a well-rounded education.

A legacy of uniqueness

"The uniqueness I refer to is the degree of total involvement which our faculty assumes as its role."
— Sidney Larson
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Bachelor of Arts in Art

In the B.A. in Art you will receive training in techniques and theories, while gaining a better understanding of the history and criticism of art. The flexibility in this program allows you to acquire a breadth of experience in various art mediums, while also exploring any area deeper via a minor or double major.

Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

The B.A. in Graphic Design provides personalized instruction designed to build your portfolio and launch your career in visual communication. Throughout the program, you will gain technical skills in the software programs (like Adobe Creative Cloud) needed to deliver dynamic design solutions.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

In our B.F.A. program you will find the tools, space, and inspiration needed to create a strong body of artwork. You can decide to specialize in a certain medium or explore multiple. Given a mix of freedom and discipline, you will develop the critical and technical skills necessary to express your ideas as artists.

Bachelor of Arts in Music

The B.A. in Music is designed to give you a broad knowledge base in voice and/or piano, with the flexibility of minoring in another area. You will be prepared to perform at a professional level, successfully compete in your chosen professional field, and to pursue advanced graduate studies. The degree can be successfully combined with a minor in business, religious studies, speech communication, or education.


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