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Who can apply? And to which location?

Degree-seeking Students*: Students with an ASN or ADN degree and their RN licensure can apply to complete their BSN (i.e., Columbia College ASN graduates or new incoming students who have their ASN/ADN).

Non-degree seeking students*: Students can apply as non-degree seeking to take BSN courses, but must meet prerequisite requirements (or get special approval) to register in BSN online courses (Read the question "can students take BSN courses as a non-degree student" below for more information).

Students can apply to any venue nationwide * (except the Traditional Campus in Columbia, MO) to be an RN to BSN student. RN to BSN nursing courses are only offered online, but you can take your remaining general education requirements in any combination of in-seat and online courses as offered by your nearest Columbia College venue (and in order of prerequisites).

*Two state exceptions: The RN to BSN degree program is not available to residents in the states of Minnesota or Washington. Please see the state regulatory information and complaint process for specific details.

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What is required for admission to the RN to BSN program?

Degree-seeking students:

  • All applicants (Columbia College ASN graduates and new students) must complete the online application
  • Proof of RN licensure (NCSBN) 
  • Proof of ASN or ADN degree (transcript documenting degree completion must be provided)*

Non-degree seeking students:

  • Complete the online application
  • Please note: Additional documentation will be needed before enrollment into BSN coursework.

*May be a nursing diploma program. These will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Contact the Office of Admissions for verification.

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What is the cost of tuition?

All BSN course tuition fees are charged at the online program tuition rate ; all other degree requirements can be taken through a combination of in-seat and online courses (if near a local venue); if taken at a venue nationwide, those courses will be at the rate of that venue's tuition.

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Who is my advisor to contact for my BSN degree requirements?

You can contact your local Columbia College venue advisor (or if you are an online student, the Online program) with questions about your remaining degree requirements.

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Where can students find their degree audit?

Prospects can find course requirements.

Admitted students can print their degree audit from their CougarTrack account: (accessible once an application has been submitted).

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Does CC accept BSN transfer courses towards their degree?

Yes, however, these courses will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Students must send their transcripts to the Office of the Registrar & submit a “Course Waiver/Substitution” form for BSN course(s) evaluation.

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Can students take BSN courses as a non-degree student?

Yes, non-degree students (once admitted) will be required to:

  • Provide documentation of RN licensure and ADN/ASN degree to your Columbia College venue OR
  • Work with your venue adviser to email with other verification (coursework/work history) to request special permission for a prerequisite waiver
    • Nursing department will review for approval
    • If approved, student will need to be registered by a campus staff member (because of special exception, students will not be able to eRegister in BSN courses as a non-degree-seeking student)

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Can CC ASN Graduates enroll before receiving their RN licensure results?

Yes, Columbia College ASN graduates will be allowed to enroll and will have one session (eight weeks) to verify successful RN licensure completion. Registration will not be allowed for future sessions until successful verification has been provided.

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