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Steps for admission to the Nursing Program

  1. Apply to Columbia College

    • Students can apply to Columbia College online, in person, by mail, or by FAX.
    • Transfer students must submit official transcripts from every college they have attended. Note: Allow up to two months for transcripts to be evaluated; watch application deadlines closely.
    • Note: Acceptance into Columbia College does not guarantee acceptance into the nursing sequence courses. Admission to the nursing program is on a selective basis. Applicants for the nursing sequence courses are considered on a competitive and space-available basis for each admission period. There is a separate, additional application process for the nursing program courses. Read more about selection criteria.
  2. Take the prerequisite classes

    Completing the prerequisite classes does not guarantee a spot in the nursing program.

  3. Take the nursing entrance test

    You must be enrolled as a Columbia College student to take the TEAS® entrance test. The TEAS®
    exam must be taken at Columbia College to be considered for admission.

  4. Apply to the Associate in Science in Nursing program

    • Apply to the nursing program when you are within one or two sessions of having completed the prerequisite courses. *Beginning in the Academic Year 2016-2017, the Admission/Selection GPA for acceptance into the Nursing Program will be based on the following prerequisite courses that must be completed at the time of the nursing application deadline: NURS 209, MATH 106 or higher, PSYC 101, CHEM 109, BIOL 110 and 110L, BIOL 223 and BIOL 223L or BIOL 326 and BIOL 326L. Watch the application deadlines closely.
  5. Nursing Program Application Packet PDF Icon

    Applications may also be picked up at the Nursing Education Center. Packets may also be picked up at the Lake of the Ozarks venue. Students may contact either office to have application packets mailed.

    Call (573) 348-2166 for the Lake venue and (573) 875-7220 for the Columbia campus

  6. Qualify for the Nursing Program

    Selection is competitive

    The maximum number of students varies per location (Columbia campus and Lake of the Ozarks venue). This number is made up of a combination of non-LPN and LPN students.  An alternate list will be set up if appropriate, designating applicants who were not selected but qualified. Those on the alternate list will have the opportunity to join the program should selected students opt out. The alternate list will be considered viable only for the start date for that class. Each class is selected individually based on the criteria from all who apply for that class. Read more about selection criteria.

    After reviewing the information contained in this document, feel free to contact us about questions you may have, or to set up a visit.



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