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Language and Communication Studies Department

Humanities Class

The Language and Communication Studies Department involves students in an intense, sophisticated, and comprehensive study of literature, creative writing, communication, and languages as part of a broader commitment to the fundamental value of the liberal arts.

Language and Communication Studies faculty believe the study of the liberal arts serves human existence generally and leads to a life of value. While success in our majors does have direct career implications, the excellent student is prepared to engage in the study of the liberal arts for its inherent value.

Skills in these areas (critical thinking, writing, and communication) prepare students in the most fundamental ways for the most important jobs in our society, many of which either do not yet exist or do not call for a particular set of pre-digested facts.  Passionate engagement in a course of study found in the Language and Communication Studies Department will best prepare students for these opportunities because such engagement develops the ability to think critically, to read dense texts for understanding, to be facile with subtle and sophisticated concepts, and to present oneself clearly through language.


Teacher, Columnist, Publisher and more...

Communication Studies

Politician, Analyst, Management and more...


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