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Cost information and suggestions for teacher certification program students

Teaching is a very rewarding field, but the various costs associated with obtaining teacher certification can be difficult to afford without careful planning. To help make it easier, here are the main fees and assessment costs associated with becoming a teacher in the State of Missouri.


Missouri requires various assessments throughout a student's teacher certification program. They are:

Missouri General Education Assessment (MoGEA) - The cost for all four subtests taken together is $49; cost for a single subtest is $25 each. Any subtest of the MoGEA that does not receive the Columbia College required score would need to be repeated and the fee paid again.

Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA) - The cost of these assessments vary ($77 to $189 per assessment) depending on the area of certification. Some certification areas require multiple assessments while others may only require one.

Note: Some testing centers may also charge an exam sitting fee. For additional information about these assessments, visit the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments website and the performance assessment website.


Although this may seem obvious, tuition is another cost to consider, especially for student teaching which is a 16-week placement in a school, during which time most students are not able to maintain a separate job for income.

How to plan

Since the assessments are not covered by financial aid, students should determine, with their advisor, the semester/session they plan to take the assessments and set aside income or save any financial aid refund from previous terms to help defray the cost. A semester with no income while student teaching would obviously take more budgeting, but planning ahead will certainly help reduce the financial stress during that time.

Certification Application Costs (through Mo-DESE)

The State of Missouri charges fees for some applications. The certificates that include application fees are:

  • Non-Missouri Graduate application - $100
  • Additional ("Add-On") application - $35
  • Upgrades (to existing certificates) - $35
  • Temporary - $50
  • Substitute - $50
  • ABCTE - $100
  • Provisional - $50
(Initial Certificates for students who completed their teacher preparation program at a Missouri institution have no application fee.)

Fingerprinting is required for any new certification application. This fee is currently $40.30. (2018)


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