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Dr. Paul Hanna

Paul HannaSpurred by the idealism that we can, and do, make a difference, delighting in the accomplishments of students, and questioning to understand others better, Paul Hanna can best be described as “teacher.” Currently, he is an associate professor with the Department of Education at Columbia College, helping students become teachers. He has served as a school district reading specialist and teacher of students in grades kindergarten through high school. He has also served as administrator of an elementary school, a state agency, a nonprofit association, and a continuing education department, and a mentor with the National Urban Alliance.

His teacher role is best defined, though, as a husband and father to three sons, life’s most challenging, perplexing, yet gratifying job.

Courses Dr. Hanna has taught at Columbia College

  • Literature for Children and Adolescents (EDUC 270)
  • Techniques of Teaching (EDUC 300)
  • Teaching Skills (EDUC 302)
  • Classroom and Behavior Management Techniques (EDUC 311)
  • Teaching of Reading (EDUC 331)
  • Creative and Language Arts in Elementary and Middle Schools (EDUC 336)
  • Teaching Reading in the Content Area (EDUC 338)
  • Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School (EDUC 358)
  • Diagnostic and Corrective Reading (EDUC 380)
  • Education and Psychology of the Exceptional Child (EDUC 390)
  • Student Teaching in the Elementary School (EDUC 420)
  • Student Teaching for Paraprofessionals (EDUC 498)
  • Curriculum Design and Evaluation (EDUC 504)
  • Instructional Theory & Techniques (EDUC 505)
  • Integrative Project (EDUC 508)
  • The Integrated Curriculum (EDUC 512)
  • Mathematics for the Special Needs Child (EDUC 514)
  • Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (EDUC 516)
  • Current Issues and Philosophical Precedents (EDUC 544)
  • Perspectives on Parental, Community and Political Involvement in Public Schools (EDUC 546)
  • Management of the Classroom Environment (EDUC 563)
  • Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness (EDUC 582)
  • Graduate Student Teaching (EDUC 698)



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