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Faculty of the Business Administration Department

Thumbnail of Becky Bocklage
Rebecca Gordon-Bocklage, Entrepreneurship Faculty/Program Director

B.S. Entrepreneurship, B.S. Advertising, M.B.A., Missouri State University

Office Location: STC 217
Phone Number: (573) 875-1128
Email Address:

Portrait of Brandi Herrman
Brandi Herrman, Instructor

B.A., Wichita State University, M.A., University of Missouri

Office Location: STC 205
Phone Number: (573) 875-7731
Email Address:

Diane Suhler
Dr. Diane Suhler, Professor

A.A., Otero Junior College; B.S., University of Colorado; M.I.A., Columbia University; Ph.D., University of Maryland

Office Location: WMS 207
Phone Number: (573) 875-7640
Email Address:

Thumbnail of Gina Singleton
Gina Singleton, Assistant Professor of Accounting

M.Acc., University of Missouri

Office Location: WMS 203
Phone Number: (573) 875-1126
Email Address:

Ken Akers
Kenneth Akers, Assistant Professor

B.S., Radford University; M.S., Radford University

Office Location: WMS 209
Phone Number: (573) 875-7179
Email Address:

Thumbnail of Kennedy Amofa
Dr. Kennedy Amofa, Assistant Professor

A.A., Rochester Community and Technical College; B.A., University of Ghana; M.B.A., Cardinal Stritch University; Ph.D., Capella University

Office Location: STC 213
Phone Number: (573) 875-1125
Email Address:

Thumbnail of Michael Cross
Michael Cross, Assistant Professor of Management

M.B.A. Management, Jacksonville University

Office Location: WMS 201
Phone Number: (573) 875-1127
Email Address:

Thumbnail of Rajeev Sachdev
Rajeev Sachdev, Assistant Professor of Marketing

B.A.S. (Hons) in Marketing, LL.B (Hons), LL.M, M.B.A., D.B.A.

Office Location: STC 215
Phone Number: (573) 875-1124
Email Address:

Sally Wells
Sally Wells, Assistant Professor

B.A., M.B.A., University of Missouri

Office Location: WIL 202
Phone Number: (573) 875-7551
Email Address:

Tom Stauder
Thomas Stauder, Assistant Professor

B.S., M.A., University of Missouri

Office Location: WMS 204
Phone Number: (573) 875-7552
Email Address:

Thumbnail of Tina Olson
Tina Olson, Instructor of Management

M.Ed., Washington State University; M.B.A., Stephens College; Ph.D., Maryville University

Office Location: WMS 208
Phone Number: (573) 875-1129
Email Address:


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