Registration FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding registration and the e-registration process.

Yes, you have the option to plan and register for multiple sessions instead of waiting. Registration usually is a high anxiety time. Why not make it once a year instead of three times and decrease anxiety? Secondly, you’ll have confidence in your degree path knowing that your classes are ‘set’. Further, this will also allow you to plan around your other commitments and assist you in being the most successful in your endeavor to earn your degree. We encourage you to consult with your academic advisor about the best way to sequence your classes to meet your goals and schedule.

Visit our course schedules page to view offerings

No, you do not. Registering early does not mean you will be expected to pay earlier. We hope registering earlier will assist you in being able to plan your education further in advance to ensure you feel confident and prepared! Your student success coach would love to work alongside you for any financial aid, tuition, or other payment related questions. We know that finances and paying for college can feel heavy, so please feel free to contact a student success coach at or at 573-875-7252 to help with any concerns.

We know registering for classes can feel both exciting and overwhelming. If you need help choosing your classes, we encourage you to contact your academic advisor. Once you know what classes you would like to take, feel free to contact the Center for Student Success for assistance to complete the registration process.

From myPortal, you will want to locate the “Self Service Student Planner” button on the left side of the page within the shortcuts box. If you are unable to find it there, feel free to use the search bar at the top of the page. If you are near one of our campuses nationwide, you may also register for a class there. 

We encourage you to register as soon as you can as the last day to add a class is the first Wednesday of each session and/or semester.

If you were interested in dropping a class, you would want to complete that process before the first business day of the second week of the session or semester. As soon as the period to drop closes, you will be unable to drop the class. You can contact the Center for Student Success for any questions related to adding or dropping a class at 573-875-7252 or

If you receive a message preventing you from dropping a class, it may be past the drop period. The drop period normally ends on the first business day of the second week of classes.

If you would still like to drop a class, you can, however, it would be considered a withdrawal and you would still be financially liable. If taking classes online or through Columbia College Global, you can find the Course Withdrawal Form under the "Student Forms" in myPortal.

If you are a residential student at our main location, you will need your advisors’ signature to complete the withdrawal.

Course withdrawal requests must be submitted within the first 6 weeks of an 8-week class or the first 12 weeks of a 16-week class.

Dropping versus withdrawing a from a class carry different implications, so we encourage you to call the Center for Student Success at 573-875-7252 or email them at to discuss your educational goals and how a drop or withdrawal could impact that.

Course drop, withdrawal and other important deadlines can be found in the Events & Calendar area of myPortal.

Columbia College offers payment plans to students who wish to pay in installments. You can click on the “Complete Registration” button to start making payment arrangements and enroll in a plan. There are a plethora of payment plan options depending on your situation, so if you have any questions about how to set up a payment plan or to find out the differences in each plan, feel free to contact a student success coach at 573-875-7252 or

Columbia College utilizes payment plans for all students that do not pay in full at time of registration. If you are fully cover by Financial aid we do offer a fully funded financial aid plan. 

With that being said, all types of financial aid may disburse differently. Any financial aid that is estimated or pending would not be applied to your account at registration. We know financial aid can feel very daunting, so if you have any questions about your financial aid award package, please contact the Center for Student Success at 573-875-7252 or

We know it may be necessary for you to drop all of your classes, and we want to support what you think is best, but there can be a lot of implications for dropping all your classes, so we recommend contacting the Center for Student Success to discuss those before making this decision. You can contact them at 573-875-7253 or

If you are a Day campus student, you would want to start that process with the Student Affairs Office. They are located in Atkin's Student Commons, Room 215.

After a period of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out for your security, as screens interface with private academic records. If you are timed out, you will receive a message prompting you to log in again.

We understand failure messages can be confusing and stressful. Most messages will provide clarity on what action to take, but if the message does not make sense, feel free to contact a coach at the Center for Student Success for assistance. They can be a guide for any challenge you need to overcome.

You can contact them at 573-875-7252 or

If you are having login or tech issues, we encourage you to contact the Help desk at 573-875-4357.

Some courses require instructor approval for enrollment. You will need to contact the instructor for permission. If approved, they will enter permission into our system and you will be able to proceed with registration.

We are excited to say books come at no additional cost – they are included in the tuition rate.

If you are an online student or take classes through Columbia College Global, most of your books will be accessed digitally through your specific courses in the D2L course manager which can be found through myPortal.Lab kits and physical books will be mailed to your address on file. 

If you are student at our residential campus in Columbia, yours books can be picked up at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on campus.

Lastly, your course syllabus should indicate how to access your book. 

If you registered for a class and are unable to access the book, you can contact or visit the Bookstore's webpage for more information.

You can submit a Name Change Request through myPortal or you can call our Office of the Registrar at 573-875-7526.

When you are requesting to enroll in more than 18 credit hours in the semester, or more than 9 hours in an 8-week session, it is considered an overload. Because this can be a heavy load, we want to ensure that is your intention. You will want to contact your academic advisor to complete the overload request process.

Read our academic load policy for more information.

This message is a way to indicate the course you are registering for does not match your academic level. For example, if you are a graduate student, and you are intending to take an undergraduate course, you may receive this message. If you have been admitted to a graduate program, you may enroll in an undergraduate course, provided you meet the course prerequisites, but be sure the status says “registered.” We recommend consulting your academic advisor with any questions or concerns.