Registration FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding registration and the e-registration process.

Yes, you have the option to plan and register for multiple terms instead of waiting. Registration usually is a high anxiety time. Why not make it once a year instead of three times and decrease anxiety? Secondly, you’ll have confidence in your degree path knowing that your classes are ‘set’. Further, this will also allow you to plan around your other commitments and assist you in being the most successful in your endeavor to earn your degree.

Visit our course schedules page to view offerings

No, you do not. Registering early does not mean you will be expected to pay earlier. This will assist you in planning with your student success coach for financial aid, paying tuition, and other financial needs. We know that finances and paying for college is a concern for you. When you have registered for classes, please contact a student success coach at to help with any payment concerns.

If you need help choosing your classes, contact your advisor or the Center for Student Success

Use the Self Service Student Planner within CougarTrack to add or drop a course.

You may also register for an additional class on campus or at a local venue.

Students must add a course by the first Wednesday of each session or semester.

Students may drop a course for any reason after enrollment through the first business day of the second week of each session or semester. Students who drop a course through the Student Planner will receive confirmation within 24 hours. If the “drop” button in the Student Planner is not available, the drop period has likely ended.

Students on the traditional campus wishing to discontinue enrollment must complete formal withdrawal procedures with the Dean of Student Affairs. If a student withdraws from the college, he or she may be eligible for a pro-rated tuition credit depending on the completion date of the total withdrawal process.

Review the catalog for more in-depth information about adding or dropping classes.

You may drop classes in CougarTrack through the Registration link under Academics in the main menu. The drop period normally ends on the first business day of the second week of classes. After the drop period has ended, you may submit a Course Withdrawal Form, also found under Registration in CougarTrack. Course Withdrawal Forms are processed manually during regular business hours and must be submitted within the first six weeks of class.

This message means you do not have enough financial aid to cover your expenses. You must set up a payment plan to proceed. Click on the ePayment link to proceed, otherwise your registration will not be saved.

Some financial aid is available only when a student is registered full time. Full-time status is 6 credit hours per 8-week term or 12 credit hours per 16-week term.

Pell Grants are prorated based on half time, three-fourth time or full time. If total registered hours are less than full time, the aid may be computed at a lower amount. For example, if you register for 3 credit hours in an 8-week session, only half of a Pell Grant will be included in your payment plan.

Traditional students with institutional aid who wish to register part time initially will be required to set up a payment plan for part-time enrollment until they register full time.

Financial aid that is estimated or pending is not included in the calculation.

You must be paid in full or complete a payment plan to register. Making a partial payment without completing a payment plan does not allow you to register.

Because the course can be taken for a variable amount of credit, you must use the Search and Register link to register in order to enter the correct amount of credits.

Traditional students must contact Student Affairs to begin the withdrawal process. All other students should contact the Center for Student Success.

After a period of inactivity, you will be automatically logged out for your security, as screens interface with private academic records. If you are timed out, you will receive a message prompting you to log in again.

Failure messages are specific to issues. Most messages will prompt you to take an action or will tell you which office to contact. However, if you do not understand a failure message, make a note of it and contact the Center for Student Success at (800) 231-2391 extension 7252 or (573) 875-7252.

I am having trouble. Who do I contact?

Traditional students having trouble registering should contact the Center for Student Success at (800) 231-2391 ext. 7252.

All other students should contact the Office of the Registrar at (800) 231-2391 ext. 7526.

For questions about payment issues, contact the Center for Student Success at (800) 231-2391 ext. 7252.

For help logging in or password or User ID issues, contact the Help Desk at (800) 231-2391 ext. 7369 or see Login Assistance.

Courses require permission from the instruction prior to registration. Contact the instructor to have the permission entered.

Consult your course syllabus, learning venue or the bookstore.

You will need to petition and seek approval to exceed a maximum number of credits per term. Read our academic load policy. Contact your advisor or venue for approval.

If you have been admitted for a graduate program, you may still take an undergraduate course. The message is a warning that the course does not match your academic level. Be sure the status says "registered".