Partners in Law Enforcement Program

Law enforcement professionals save time and money

At Columbia College, we aren’t just paying lip service when we say that we proudly support law enforcement and corrections professionals. With our Partners in Law Enforcement and Partners in Corrections programs, we award up to 24 hours of academic credit to students who have completed a qualifying police or corrections academy.

Students who qualify for one of these programs could save thousands of dollars in tuition costs and complete their degree earlier.

How it works

The main criteria for each program is that students must have completed either a qualifying state-certified police academy (of at least 400 hours in length) or a departmentally-mandated corrections academy (of at least 275 hours in length).

The academic credit is awarded after 15 credit hours (typically five classes) have been completed at Columbia College.

To see if you qualify for either program, visit our non-traditional transfer page and review the “Law Enforcement Training” or “Corrections Training” sections.  A full list of qualifying criteria is provided on this page. 

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