Field experience & student teaching

Students pursuing education certification will get field experience. 

This includes time you’ll spend observing classrooms, helping cooperating teachers and working one-on-one with students.


Field experience

Field experience will require background clearance. This is completed through the Family Care Safety Registry . There are certain criminal activities that can prevent you from being certified in the state of Missouri. If you have concerns, contact the Education Department at for a confidential meeting.

Students in field experience courses are encouraged to have personal liability insurance. Students who are members of a professional association, including the Student MSTA or Student MNEA, may receive personal liability insurance as a benefit.

Student teaching

Field experience culminates with student teaching where you’ll spend 16 weeks in the classroom with the goal of assuming all responsibilities of a classroom teacher for at least 15 consecutive days. In order to be considered for student teaching, students must submit several documents and verifications including:

Other items required prior to approval to register for the student teaching course are:

View the Student Teacher Checklist

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