Danielle Langdon Associate Professor - Visual Arts and Music Department

B.A., Ursinus College; MFA, University of Missouri

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Danielle Langdon received her MFA in Graphic Design and Video Art from the University of Missouri, Columbia. Prior to, she received a BA in Media Communication Studies and Dance from Ursinus College in Pennsylvania.

She began her design career trajectory while working at HDR Inc., an architectural design firm in Princeton, New Jersey. Since then, she has continued working as a freelance designer collaborating with clients on everything from brand development to website design. Her primary client right now is the local startup company, Kremenak NanoTech Inc.

Danielle also maintains an active fine art practice, working mostly with video art and animation. In her videos, Danielle often explores the constraints and freedoms inherent in both typography and motion. Recent exhibitions include: “Artifact [BOLD]” at the Sechrest Gallery of Art in High Point, NC., the “Midwest Video Poetry Festival” in Madison and Milwaukee, WI., and the “SECAC Juried Exhibition” at Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts, in Birmingham, AL.

Courses taught at Columbia College

  • 2-Dimensional Design (ARTS 140)
  • Graphic Design I, II and III (ARTS 216, 316, 416)
  • Typography (ARTS 217)
  • Web Design I and II (ARTS 317, 417)
  • Corporate Identity (ARTS 318)
  • Video Art (ARTS 374)

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