Visual Arts & Music Department

The visual arts and music department at Columbia College allows students to explore and build upon artistic talents, showcasing their works to public audiences. Graduates learn to turn their abilities into marketable skills.


Programs and experiences we offer

In addition to academic programs, the department of visual arts and music provides opportunities to showcase works. Display paintings, drawings and sculptures in one of two on-campus galleries. Or join a vocal ensemble and perform at special events.

Bachelor's degrees

Choose a degree that complements your artistic abilities.


Gain an edge in the workforce by taking a few more classes to add a minor to your degree.


Practice your vocal skills through one of several student ensembles.

  • The Jane Froman Singers
  • Chamber Choir
  • Opera/Musical Theatre Workshop

Department events

Mark your calendar for these gallery events held annually in the Larson Gallery in Brown Hall.

Columbia College Student Exhibition February 25 - April 5, 2021

An annual exhibition held by the Columbia College art galleries which showcases artwork by our very own student artists. The show is judged each year by a well-known local artist.

Registration deadline: November 9

Visual Arts and Music Spotlight Returning soon

See how you can develop your artistic voice at Columbia College. Attend the virtual Visual Arts and Music Spotlight to explore our programs and extracurricular opportunities.

Frances Dillingham Family Music Showcase February 3-15, 2021

An annual showcase featuring performances by Columbia College music students, including Frances Dillingham Family Music Fund Award recipients.


"The uniqueness I refer to is the degree of total involvement which our faculty assumes as its role."
— Sidney Larson

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