Dr. Yngve Digernes Associate Professor - Social & Behavioral Sciences Department

A.A., Bergen University, Norway; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Missouri

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Dr. Digernes teaches thought-provoking courses primarily in the areas of deviance/criminology and social inequality. He also teaches classical social theory and cultural sociology. Dr. Digernes grew up near Bergen, on the west coast of Norway, and his cross-cultural experience provides a basis for a global approach in sociology. As a learning tool, he often compares and contrasts the American social model with that of Scandinavia. In Dr. Digernes’ courses, students are challenged to question what they know about the world around them, and they learn to see social issues from a wide range of perspectives.

Courses taught at Columbia College:

  • Social Justice (SOCI 101)
  • General Sociology (SOCI 111)
  • Social Problems (SOCI 216)
  • Social Deviance (SOCI 218)
  • Criminology (SOCI 321)
  • Juvenile Delinquency (SOCI 331)
  • American Social Policy (SOCI 365)
  • Social Movements (SOCI 375)
  • Mass Media and Society (SOCI 380)
  • Cities in the 21st Century (SOCI 401)
  • Class, Status, and Power (SOCI 421)
  • Classical Social Theory (SOCI 460)

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