Dr. Aurelien Mauxion Associate Professor - Psychology, Sociology and Human Services Department

B.A., M.A. University of Rennes; Ph.D., Northwestern University

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Aurelien Mauxion’s teaching interests are fundamentally interdisciplinary. After graduating from the University of Rennes in France, with Bachelors of Arts in sociology and history and a Masters in geography, he completed a doctoral degree in anthropology at Northwestern University. His doctoral research explored political and economic changes in West Africa, specifically in the country of Mali. More recently, his research explored how historically stigmatized linguistic minorities strove to maintain their cultural heritage and produce new forms of social identity (French creoles in the American Midwest and Bretons in France).

At Columbia College, Aurelien Mauxion shares with students his comprehensive approach to the study of cultures and societies by teaching courses in anthropology, sociology, and geography. His course General Anthropology (ANTH/SOCI 112), for example, explores the diversity of humankind both in the past and present by focusing on ancient civilizations, linguistic variations and evolution, and contemporary societies and cultures. Slavery and Human Trafficking (ANTH/SOCI 412), an upper-level course, explores both historical and contemporary forms of slavery, asking what a comparative approach to human trafficking can reveal about humanity and the way it has been defined in different cultures and at different times.

Courses taught at Columbia College:

  • General Anthropology (SOCI/ANTH 112)
  • Introduction to Geography (GEOG/ANTH 101)
  • Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 212)
  • General Sociology (SOCI 111)
  • Qualitative Research Methods (SOCI/PSYC/ANTH 327)
  • Music and Society (SOCI/ANTH 381)
  • Religion and Society (SOCI/ANTH 341)
  • Environment and Society (SOCI/ANTH 345)
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking (ANTH 412)


Edited special issue

Launay, Robert and Aurelien Mauxion. 2018. “Eating French.” [Special Issue]. Food and Foodways. 26(2)

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Mauxion, Aurelien. 2018. “Eating and Being French in Old Mines, Missouri.” Food and Foodways. 26(2). Pp. 105-123
  • Launay, Robert and Aurelien Mauxion. 2018. “Introduction: Eating French.” Food and Foodways. 26(2). Pp. 87-91
  • Mauxion, Aurelien. 2016. “Please Turn on your Cell Phones: Using Pictures to Explore the Concept of Culture in an Introductory Sociology Course.” TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC: American Sociological Association (Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology website )
  • Mauxion, Aurelien. 2012. “Moving to Stay: Iklan Spatial Strategies Towards Socioeconomic Emancipation in Northern Mali (1898-1960).” Journal of African History. 53(2). Pp. 195-213

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