Psychology, Sociology and Human Services Department at Columbia College

The department of psychology and sociology at Columbia College prepares students to understand the way people and groups develop, interact and solve problems. Graduates may go on to enter the workforce in a variety of fields such as business, advocacy and community service, or continue on to a graduate-level program.


Programs and experiences we offer

In addition to academic programs, the psychology and sociology department at Columbia College offers research opportunities and honor societies.

Associate's degrees

Choose a program to prepare you for a supporting role or bachelor's program.

Bachelor's degrees

Choose a degree that prepares you to help people and society.


Gain an edge in the workforce by taking a few more classes to add a minor to your degree.

Department involvement

Get to know the department and your Columbia College Psychology, Sociology and Human Servcices peers better.


Great Plains Students' Psychology Convention Virtual event

Each year, our students participate in and present at the Great Plains Students' Psychology Convention.

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Making learning seem easy

"The best teachers, in my experience, are those who can take complex principles and ideas and translate them into everyday language and examples. This makes the learning process seem effortless and removes a large portion of the intimidation factor."
— Jon Weimer, Instructor, Columbia College-Kansas City

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