Physical and Biological Sciences Department at Columbia College

The Columbia College Department of Physical and Biological Sciences prepares students to apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of scientific fields. Graduates use their understanding of biological, chemical, and natural systems to work in scientific research, health professions, forensic and environmental sciences.


Programs and experiences we offer

Students gain a foundational understanding of scientific concepts, laboratory research, and how information is communicated in the sciences.

Associate degrees

Choose a program to prepare you for a supporting role or bachelor's program.

Bachelor's degrees

Choose a degree that prepares you for a professional career in science.


Gain an edge in the workforce by adding a minor to your degree.


Department involvement

Get to know the department and your Columbia College Physical and Biological Science peers better.


8th Annual Science Symposium April 13, 2022

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends are invited to the 8th Annual Science Symposium! This event showcases research from students in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Nursing and Psychology.

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